President Maribeau Lamar: The Second Elected President of the Republic of Texas

President Maribeau Lamar’s Annual Message to Congress Page 15 “…The white man and the red man cannot dwell in harmony together. Nature forbids it. They are separated by the strongest possible antipathies, by color, by habits, by modes of thinking, and indeed by all the causes which engender hatred, and engender strife , the inevitable consequences of juxtaposition. Knowing these things, I experience no difficulty in deciding on the proper policy to be pursued toward them. It is to push a vigorous war against them; pursuing them to their hiding places without mitigation or compassion, until they shall be made to feel that flight from our borders without the hope of return, is preferable to the scourges of war.”

President Maribeau Lamar’s Inaugural Address to Congress The Papers of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar

“…an extermination war upon their warriors; which will admit of no compromise and have no termination except in their total extinction or total expulsion.” Col. H. Mcleod’s letter of December 1, 1838 to Lamar: “…Let us drive these wild Indians off, and establish a line of block houses, and we have done all we can now–If the U States will not remove their own Indians, to wit, Cherokees, Shawnees, Delawares, Kickapoos , Choctaws, Alabamas, & Coshattes, to say nothing of these Caddoes who they have literally ordered & driven into our territory–I say if the U.S. is faithless enough to refuse to remove them We must await a more auspicious moment than the present, to exterminate them–” (The Lamar Papers Pg. 309)

In Col. H. Mcleod’s October 25, 1838 letter to Lamar , he lays out the plan for genocide, “…General Rusk proposes to concentrate the effective force of the Eastern Section of the Country, upon the Indian territory , and exterminate the race–” (The Lamar Papers Pg. 270)

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