Board of Directors

Meet our Board and Advisory

Board of Directors

Steve Melendez

Cheryl Melendez

Don Vasicek

Lelia Williston

Jacquelyn Battise

Yolanda Bluehorse

In Memorium

The saddest day has gleams of light, The darkest wave hath bright foam beneath it. There twinkles o’er the cloudiest night, Some solitary star to cheer it. Sarah Winnemucca

Kevin Isgor Locke

Pearl Means

Carrie Dann

Russell Means

You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. Aristotle

Advisory Board

​Mary Ann Thompson – Frenk

Joanelle Romero

Dr. David Stannard

Dr. Enrique Maestas

Susan Myers

Leonora Friend

Kevin Annett

Gerald Tieyah

Jay Winter NightWolf

Jesus Cantu Medel 

We serve as a memorial to the victims of ethnic cleansing.

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