Same Old Bait and Switch Scam Targets Lakota Land

The Justice system when dealing with Indians is based on “The Doctrine Of Discovery”. It is a rigged system based on the old scam of “the bait and switch”. The “bait” is the belief that there is liberty and justice for all. The “switch” is that the “Doctrine of Discovery” stipulates the supposed condition of reality that the white man owns everything because Columbus “discovered” it. Therefore, whenever an Indian Nation sues the government for any reason, the government can put money on the table as compensation based on “the Time of Taking”—1492!!! PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!!! The token-Indian NARF lawyers walk away millionaires, the government gets clear land title and the Indians lose their homeland. In coming generations, only history will show who  the great warriors were. Currently the government has not only put over a billion dollars on the table to entice the Lakota, but their lawyers also have the audacity to put “land” on the table. Land with a clear title? No, “trust land” with the government holding title and the FBI coming and going at will. Do the math. Is it worth losing your homeland so that the old geezers and only the old geezers in your tribe receive $10,000 each?

By Steve Melendez, President,
​American Indian Genocide Museum.

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